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Current Agenda on NG

Posted by crummylion - June 27th, 2021

This year was actually a lot busier than I was expecting in terms of animation. Was given the immense privilege to take part in numerous collabs this year and even added my own creative output on things. Things went more smoothly than last year as I gotten more accustomed to Clip Studio Paint and took smaller sized animations. As much as I'd like to do more, this is the embarrassing part: I'm gonna take a hiatus from making videos and collabs. I'd say a break from animating in general, but that's far from the truth.

I want to try my hand at game development. At least, start out small. Reasoning behind this is simply that I consider myself a story teller and most of my ideas fit better as games than short animations or anything else. I could make a bible of game ideas I've made (I actually have at one point but scrapped the actual papers due to embarrassment,) but the more I think, the more I want to see my ideas realized with one or two ideas from almost a decade ago saved. And with game dev being more accessible thanks to the community all over, including Newgrounds, and engines being more intuitive, this should be easier to achieve.

That said, before I do this, there are also a couple animation ideas that lingered for at most a decade that I wanted to do. That, and I still have a few more collabs i need to help finish. Problem is I have limited time and need to sort out what I'm doing and how to tackle it. So I'm stuck here picking what I'm gonna do and what I'm scrapping. I actually started on a fan animation for a twitch streamer I like, but might have to stick to making it an animatic if it'll ever see the light of day. Thing is, I also wanted to do an animatic video for Christmas and the other one was suppose to come before Halloween. Kinda conflicting since I had another Halloween thing planned. So I'm at a standstill on what I'm doing, other than what I'm stuck with, of course.

Anyways, that's what's on my mind. As things develop, I'll share more. If things don't go well on one side, I'll always have the other. Thanks for bothering and I hope to not just be an impact on the NG/gaming/animation community, but to entertain as well.



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